Design of Steel Buildings Adv. (Staad Pro.)


Seismic Analysis, Equivilant Static Method, Respons Spectrum Method, Tall Buildings, Connections, Understanding of IS 1893 2016, IS 16700 2017,  Risk Mitigation principles & many more.

Benefits of this Course

  • Will learn how to analyze & design Steel buildings with the help of the most widely accepted software in the industry across the country.
  • You can design a High-Rise Steel building independently after the completion of this course
  • You will be very proficient with the Indian Standard Codes like IS 800 2007, IS 1893 2016, IS 875 Part (I, II & III), IS 16700 2017 & more.
  • You will not only learn the software but also all the basics which are relevant to the core subject of Structural Analysis and Design of Buildings.
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